We’re working with the local community, visitors, businesses and landowners to keep Islay and Jura’s coastline clean and beautiful.

About the Initiative

For Our Shores is a home-grown initiative on a mission to rid the shores of Islay and Jura of man made litter, keep our islands beautiful and help push for changes that will keep our shores safe for future generations. 

Islay and Jura have truly spectacular beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world. Wild, windswept and untouched, they surround us in all weathers, across the generations, day in and day out. We walk on the beaches, we play on them, we turn to them for solace and for inspiration. A natural beauty that connects us all, these beaches can take your breath away whether you are born and bred here, visiting for the first time, and anything in between.

Every year our coastlines are battered by tonnes and tonnes of marine litter. Man-made debris from near and far washes ashore, clogging up our beaches, bedding into our soil and changing the landscape. The levels of marine litter we see on Islay and Jura are increasing year on year, while funding to deal with this crisis is now practically non-existent.

In the last 11 years Re-JIG beach rangers and volunteers have recorded well over 300 tonnes of marine litter removed from Islay and Jura beaches. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. It doesn’t include all the individual beach cleans that takes place every day by volunteers, and all the beach litter that we couldn’t reach, or didn’t have resources to deal with.


Get Involved

Driven by a passion for Islay and Jura, local people and long-time visitors are taking action to protect our shores. They’re doing it for their homes and for future generations. They’re doing it for the wildlife and the landscape, for the place that they love. For Islay and For Jura.

We believe that one size doesn’t have to fit all. Our efforts to protect and preserve these shores can be as varied and diverse as the beaches we’re trying to protect. Here are some of the most popular ways people are working together with us to look after our shores:

  • Take part in a community beach clean event.
  • Support us with monthly membership.
  • Prevention is key – recycle as much as you can. Ensure bin bags are tightly tied.
  • Little and often – take a bag and pick up what you can.
  • Make a one off donation.
  • Stay connected with us through our newsletters, social media, or just watch out for us on the beaches and come for a chat.
  • Sponsor a beach through your business or support us by hosting a gifting scheme.
  • Tell our story and spread the word. These beaches belong to all of us. Let’s look after them together.

Tell us What you Think

Marine litter will be here for a while, especially given that plastic hangs around for thousands of years. So that our work can be sustainable, we need to be able to adapt and grow with our changing communities and business markets.

At the moment we’re collating data from visitors to Islay and Jura. If you’re here on holiday, whether it’s your first time, or your 30th, we’d be grateful for your input. The button below will take you to a survey which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Results will be completely anonymous and your answers will help us improve and shape our project for the years to come. For local residents and business owners, please contact us if you would like to share ideas or have any questions.

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